Dre Erwin

"As a nurse, I've learned a lot about culture, customs, community, friendships, forgiveness, and compassion while living and working in a northern Metis and First Nations community.

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Born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, Erwin served in the Canadian Armed Forces for 3 years. Wanting to spend his time helping others, Erwin shortly after obtained his 4 year degree in nursing through the University of Saskatchewan and SaskPolyTech; his advanced critical care certificate; and his advanced authorized practice license (RNAAP). 

In 2017 he received the Spirit of Mamaweetin award "Together in Wellness.

2017: collaborated with Jonah Natomagan, a member of the First Nations community, to form "the Pinehouse Photography Club." A club that uses a procedure termed "therapeutic Photography" to focus on teenage mental health and addictions.

2019: became a SRNA workplace representative for former licensing body SRNA - now College of Registered Nurses of Saskatchewan and worked closely helping to advance primary care nursing in northern Saskatchewan.

Erwin was recognised by the Saskatchewan Union of Nurses (SUN) for his work and dedication to northern nursing, and he was featured in a commercial and documentary called On the Frontline of Rural and Remote Healthcare.


While working in the north, Erwin spent numerous volunteer hours using photography as a sort of therapy to aid at-risk adolescents.

2021: Received the Northern Successes Community Champion Award, for the worth he did with youth in northern Saskatchewan

2022: Erwin is in the process of getting his masters as a Nurse Practitioner and continues to work with photography as a form of healing and therapy.

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Wavelength Entertainment filming a documentary in Pinehouse Lake
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Dre and the Pinehouse Photography Club have received provincial, national, and international acclaim, and have been featured in various news broadcasts, including the award-winning CBC documentary "A New Lens on Life."

2020: Collaboration with Kids Help Phone and Saskatchewan Advocate for Children and Youth

Erwin authored the children's book "The Little Boy Who Found Happiness, in the Most Unusual Place" in collaboration with local metis instructor Alfred Tinker as Cree translator, based on a first nations adolescent and his story of tragedy and despair. The book was among the top ten children's books in Canada for two weeks in a row, thanks to many photographs and drawings by Pinehouse Photography Club members.

Community Champion Award 2021
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I matured and moved away from focusing solely on myself to prioritising others, including the Pinehouse Photography Club's youth. This is something I learned from Pinehouse Lake's residents, their culture, and their way of life. "An experience I'll never forget!" 

Pinehouse, thank you!

-Dre Erwin


Compassion, dedication, and talent summaries Dre and his work


Dre has a keen eye when it comes to the photos and videos he posts. Extremely creative and Insightful. He provokes all kinds of emotions in his captures. They are feel good moments for me. I am so glad he shares them.

Jan Smith