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Dre Erwin

"While living and working in a northern Metis and First Nations community, I learned a lot about culture, customs, community, friendships, forgiveness, and compassion as a nurse."

Saskatchewan Union of Nurses RNAAP Dre Erwin Saskatchewan Primary Care Nurse


Erwin, who was born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, served in the Canadian Armed Forces for three years. Erwin soon after obtained his four-year nursing degree from the University of Saskatchewan and SaskPolyTech, as well as his advanced critical care certificate and advanced authorised practise licence (RNAAP).

He received the Spirit of Mamaweetin award for "Together in Wellness" in 2017, while working as a primary care nurse. Meanwhile, with local youth cree Jonah Natomagan, he co-founded "the Pinehouse Photography Club." A club that utilises "therapeutic photography" to address adolescent mental health and addictions.

In 2019, he was appointed as an SRNA workplace representative for the former licencing body SRNA - now the College of Registered Nurses of Saskatchewan - and worked closely with the College to advance primary care nursing in northern Saskatchewan.
Erwin was honoured by the Saskatchewan Union of Nurses (SUN) for his contributions to northern nursing, and he was featured in the commercial and documentary On the Frontlines of Rural and Remote Healthcare.


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Saskatchewan union of nurses Dre Erwin
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Wavelength Entertainment filming a documentary in Pinehouse Lake
Saskatchewan Union of Nurses Primary Care Nurse Dre Erwin in Pinehouse Lake
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