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Dre Erwin


Dre Erwin is a primary care nurse working in remote and rural parts of the country, providing healthcare to underserved communities. In his spare time, he's an avid Northern Lights photographer, using the Law of Attraction to inspire and provide hope to people, especially First Nations and Métis populations. Dre's dedication to his patients and passion for photography make him a unique advocate for health and wellness.

In my spare time, I teach therapeutic photography and actively participate in it. Photography has been a passion of mine since 2015 when I survived a traumatic tornado experience while photographing an old barn during a thunderstorm near Tuxford, Saskatchewan.

This event inspired me to explore the power of photography in healing myself and others. I realized that each nuance and emotion captured by a camera lens was far better preserved than my memory could have imagined, and it motivated me to develop a passion for capturing moments and history, no matter how insignificant the event.

"As a nurse working and residing in a northern community of Metis and First Nations, I gained valuable knowledge on customs, culture, friendships, forgiveness, and compassion".

Saskatchewan Union of Nurses RNAAP Dre Erwin Saskatchewan Primary Care Nurse walking in the cold going to see a patient
University of Saskatchewan Primary Care Nurse

My journey in photography has been a continuous process of learning, comprising a combination of trial and error and online theoretical and educational components. I've spent numerous hours researching therapeutic photography techniques and putting them into practice in my work. Therapeutic photography is a method of using photography to communicate thoughts, feelings, and emotions in a creative setting and reflect on them for personal growth.

The photo shows nurse Dre Erwin working with youth at a cultural event, as they learn about photography and capture images of their community. Erwin is seen guiding the youth and demonstrating various photography techniques, highlighting his dedication to empowering youth through creativity and cultural awareness.

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Photo of RNAAP Dre Erwin in the Pinehouse Clinic- Registered Nursing in Saskatchewan RN Dre Erwin Pinehouse Lake

I'll never forget the Cree elders who taught me about their culture and family and who made me feel at home.

-Dre Erwin

Fiery Sun highlighting the aurora borealis - what this entire website revolves around

"Capturing the Magic of the Aurora Borealis with Dre Erwin Photography"

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Saskatchewan resident givening a postiive review of Dre Erwin

Hilary Ryan

Dre always has magnificent photos, but I enjoy his quotes nearly as much as the aurora. He has done so much to help the youth find their true calling and cares for his community. I hope to meet him one day.

Saskatchewan resident givening a postiive review of Dre Erwin

Betsy-Anne Barton

Fabulous photographer.
Thoughtful & kind human being

Photo of Corey O Soup Saskatchewan resident givening a postiive review of Dre Erwin

Corey O’Soup

By putting cameras in the hands of these youth, a nurse literally is saving lives in the north.

Photo of a lady Saskatchewan resident givening a postiive review of Dre Erwin

Vanessa Cordery

Stunning photographs by a genuinely wonderful and caring person.

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