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319 Sangster Blv

Regina, Saskatchewan

S4R 8V3

Tel: 1306-690-4554


Corey-OSoup review of Dre Erwin

Corey O'Soup

By putting cameras in the hands of these youth, a nurse literally saved lives in the north.

Person given a positive review to Dre Erwin

Ashley Park

Dre has a true passion for photography, but his night time photography is what really sets him apart from the rest. It takes a lot of patience, planning and instinct to have a successful aurora chase! Highly recommend this photographer as the qualities listed above, cannot be bought nor can they be faked.

Saskatchewan google review Dre Erwin

Unbelievable photographs and I love the motivational and thought provoking quotes!! Awesome work, Dre!!

Dre Erwin google review

Jackie Albanese-Bhauruth

Absolute gorgeous photos! They take you into the space and make you feel like you are right there in person

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