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Mission Statement:

Dre Erwin and a youth capturing a stunning sunset at Pinehouse Lake through their cameras, embracing the beauty of nature and the therapeutic essence of photography.

At Dre Erwin Photography, our mission is to inspire individuals from diverse backgrounds, with a special focus on nurturing youth mental health. Leveraging my unique perspective as a nurse who has witnessed the transformative power of therapeutic photography, our commitment lies in radiating positivity, fostering unity, and creating meaningful impacts. Serving as a trusted resource, we offer support, continuous learning opportunities, workshops, and avenues for personal development within our community.

Our foremost objective is to raise awareness and advocate for mental health, particularly among young individuals, amplifying the voices of the unheard and providing a platform for their expression. By distributing cameras to youth, we aim to illuminate the profound impact of therapeutic photography. Furthermore, our goal is to encourage a broader community—parents, mentors, educators, social workers, and healthcare professionals—to embrace and cultivate therapeutic photography initiatives globally.

Our mission extends beyond this, encompassing an understanding of the law of attraction and its profound role in the processes of grief, loss, and healing, impacting individuals of all ages. To support this cause, we offer merchandise and artwork, with proceeds directed toward mental health initiatives. Our website hosts a wealth of information on therapeutic photography, featuring the Pinehouse Photography Club's healing journey, insights into the law of attraction, and a showcase of artwork and merchandise. Through these resources, we aim to spread our cause globally, offering support to individuals and youth across the globe.

Using Photography to Inspire Change

Closing Statement:

As you delve into the world of Dre Erwin Photography, we warmly thank you for joining us on this meaningful journey. Together, let's embrace transformation, finding inspiration, healing, and empowerment—whether for personal growth or to uplift others, both personally and professionally. Uncover the inherent beauty within and stand alongside us in sharing it with those who need it most. Your journey toward making a positive impact begins right here.

Dre Erwin and members of the Pinehouse Photography Club stand smiling in front of Pinehouse Lake during late fall. The group, holding cameras, portrays unity and empowerment through therapeutic photography

Thank you!

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