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Image of Dre Erwin, an RNAAP (Registered Nurse in Advanced Authorized Practice), and someone else assisting a patient into an ambulance outside their house in Pinehouse Lake. The patient appears to be on a stretcher and immobilized ambulance is parked on the gravel driveway and there is snow everywhere and look cold.

Category: Rural and Remote Health Care

Registered nurses working in Canada's northern regions are a vital part of the healthcare team in remote and isolated communities, particularly in Metis and First Nations areas. Due to limited availability, physicians are only available for a few days each month, making the role of the registered nurse critical in ensuring patients receive timely care. These nurses live and work alongside the local communities, building strong relationships with them and often becoming an essential part of their family. As a result, they can provide a higher level of care that takes into account the patient's unique cultural and social background, making their healthcare experience more effective and personalized. In these remote locations, the role of the Registered Nurse has expanded into Advanced Authorized Practice (AAP), enabling them to provide a broader range of healthcare services to the communities they serve.

The Crucial Role of Registered Nurses in Remote Communities: A Documentary by the Saskatchewan Union of Nurses

"In these communities, healthcare professionals frequently face resource scarcity and limited staff. To compensate, we utilize best practice policies and work closely with our colleagues to provide effective care. Standardization has played a crucial role in ensuring that patients receive consistent care, irrespective of their geographical location. Nevertheless, we appreciate the significance of adopting unconventional healthcare practices that incorporate cultural and respectful approaches, acknowledging that these community-specific approaches often yield improved health outcomes."
-Dre Erwin, RNAAP
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Michelle Smith

He’s a great person and so caring for the youth he has been there for me when I was down he’s amazing and always happy stay happy and positive!!!

person who follows Dre Erwin giving a positive review or experience

Gail Luhmann

Dre Erwin's work is wonderful.I send a small group of people several "Batches" of inspirational sayings with pictures each day & if I need a picture to go with something... I look here. He is talented & inspirational

person who follows Dre Erwin giving a positive review or experience

Raegan McGraw

These beautiful pictures and inspirational quotes are a bright spot in my Facebook feed. Keep up the great work!

person who follows Dre Erwin giving a positive review or experience

Leanne Mikkelsen Thoroughgood

Love Dre’s photography! It is breathtaking and vibrant - life affirming! Recommend following his photography as it provides calm and peace at the end of the day!

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