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Happy Mother's Day.

My personal tribute to Women, and Women in Uniform in particular.


Born into this world full of hope,

Intelligent, loving and able to cope.

For a lifetime of hardship lay ahead of them,

Because in this world, they are not men.

Without our women our species will cease to exist,

Yet abuse and belittlement continues to persist.

Fiercely loyal, they will give their all,

Ready to fight and die for their country’s call.

Treat them with the respect that they deserve,

For with them, our humanity we can preserve.

E.J.R. Hardy

I wrote this on 09 March 2022

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Ashley Park

Ashley Park

Dre has a true passion for photography, but his night time photography is what really sets him apart from the rest. It takes a lot of patience, planning and instinct to have a successful aurora chase! Highly recommend this photographer as the qualities listed above, cannot be bought nor can they be faked

Barbara Seibold Wilkes

Barbara Seibold Wilkes

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. That is what happened for me today as I viewed his once in a lifetime shot of an Aurora Borealis that spoke to me in an extremely meaningful way of a Butterfly and Angel. Delving into his long (and continuing) list of talents and accomplishments, I look forward to following Dre Erwin’s photography and life’s journey. It is a good day!

Corey O’Soup

Corey O’Soup

By putting cameras in the hands of these youth, a nurse literally is saving lives in the north.

Leanne Mikkelsen Thoroughgood

Leanne Mikkelsen Thoroughgood

Love Dre’s photography! It is breathtaking and vibrant - life affirming! Recommend following his photography as it provides calm and peace at the end of the day!

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