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Get Up Close and Personal with the World's Most Fascinating Wildlife


Saskatchewan has a lot of Wildlife

Wolves and black bears occur in northern Saskatchewan. Moose, deer, elk, and antelope are common regionally, although caribou numbers have declined. Coyotes, foxes, and lynx, together with the gophers (Richardson's ground squirrel), rabbits, and other creatures they prey on, are abundant.

Wildlife Adventures: Explore the World's Most Breathtaking Natural Habitats


David Irvin

Amazing photos and makes everything simple to order!


Dave Dean

Dre Erwin's picture never cease to amaze me. They are always top notch quality. Dre is also top notch. One of the nicest selfless people I know. And I am proud to be apart of his family.
The work he has done with the youth up north in Pinehouse is second to none. He always puts others before himself.
With Dre Erwin photography you not only get high quality pictures but you get a high quality human being.


Every photograph is done professionally . The capturing of the Aura Borealis is done with great expertise. I love how he adds uplifting & meaningful quotes to many of the photos .


Leanne Thompson-Hill

Absolutely stunning photography, plus a generous heart.

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