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An elementary school-aged child wearing a colorful shirt and shorts stands in a field holding a camera with both hands. The child is smiling and looking at the camera. In the background, there are trees, grass, and blue sky with some clouds. The child is taking pictures of the surrounding scenery, capturing the beauty of the outdoors

Therapeutic Photography

Therapeutic photography is the use of photography as a tool to promote healing, self-discovery, and personal growth. It involves the use of images to explore and express one's emotions, thoughts, and feelings, as well as to gain insight into one's life experiences.

Therapeutic photography can be used in various settings, such as counseling, psychotherapy, and self-help. It can be helpful for individuals who are struggling with mental health issues, trauma, grief, or other challenges. Through the process of taking and reflecting on photos, individuals can gain a new perspective on their experiences and emotions, and find ways to cope and move forward.

The therapeutic benefits of photography can also extend beyond the individual, as it can be used to promote social connection and community building. Group photography projects, for example, can be a way to bring people together, promote culture, and foster a sense of belonging and support.

A Simple yet Effective Tool for Helping Youth Express and Process Their Emotions

Therapeutic photography can be a particularly effective tool for helping youth to express themselves and process difficult emotions. It can be especially helpful for those who may have difficulty communicating verbally or who are not yet comfortable discussing their mental health concerns with others. By providing a safe and creative outlet for self-expression, therapeutic photography can help youth to develop important coping skills and improve their overall well-being. Additionally, the accessibility of cameras on smartphones and other devices makes this form of therapy more convenient and accessible to young people.

"When you look through a camera lens, you block out the rest of the world, including misery, agony, and grief. It's just you and what you're seeing right now. Practice focusing on taking the perfect shot, and you'll find that even without the camera in front of your face, you'll be seeing the good in life a lot more clearly."
- Dre Erwin 

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DRe Erwin doing therapeutic photography

Keirra Tinker, Sask

"Photography saved my life"
- Keirra Tinker (Pinehouse photography club youth and member)

Tyson Ratt, Sask

"Photography helps me express myself without using words."

Louis Iron, Sask

"I love taking pictures because it helps me express myself when words aren't enough. It's like a visual diary that helps me see things in a different way and feel better about myself."

Expressing oneself without even
Saying a .... - Therapeutic Photography

In 2016, Dre discovered the therapeutic benefits of northern lights photography. He started using therapeutic photography in a remote and isolated village in northern Saskatchewan to assist youth in developing coping mechanisms and techniques for dealing with mental health issues and even addictions.

The therapeutic photography process, encompassing the act of capturing images to receiving favorable feedback on social media, has revealed its capacity to empower and become readily accessible. Dre's firsthand experience has convincingly demonstrated the significance of this tool, particularly for youth mental health and addictions, while emphasizing its feasibility for implementation in various settings, such as homes, communities, schools, and towns. The only requirements for utilizing this tool are a cellphone or a camera.

In addition to verbal feedback from youth, Dre observed the positive impact of therapeutic photography on their behavior and emotions. The smiles, laughter, and emotional expression during spontaneous group therapy sessions around a campfire provided tangible evidence of its effectiveness. Furthermore, recognition from reputable sources such as CBC, Global News, the Union of Nurses, and national/global outlets reinforced the value of this tool.

No matter who you are or where you are, we encourage you to explore the benefits of therapeutic photography either on your own or with others, even in the absence of any apparent issues.


To learn more about the therapeutic photography club founded by Dre, please check out the Pinehouse Photogprhay Club (PPC).


Bryce is an award-winning artist of social change sharing insights on life through art, photography and marketing for a better world. 

- how photography can help with addictions

- how photography can help with addictions

Therapeutic photography involves the use of images and the creative process of photography to help individuals explore their emotions, experiences, and struggles in a safe and supportive environment. It can be an effective tool for individuals who are struggling with addiction, as it allows them to express themselves in a nonverbal way and gain insight into their thoughts and behaviors.

This image features a man standing in front of a stunning display of Aurora Borealis, wearing a swea

This image features a man standing in front of a stunning display of Aurora Borealis, wearing a swea

This image features a man standing in front of a stunning display of Aurora Borealis, wearing a sweater with the logo of Dre Erwin Photography. The man appears to be in awe of the natural phenomenon, as he looks up at the vibrant colors dancing across the night sky. The sweater prominently displays the Dre Erwin Photography logo, which features a camera and the text "Dre Erwin Photography" in bold letters.

Sandy Bay First Nations Powwow: Celebration of Culture and Heritage

Sandy Bay First Nations Powwow: Celebration of Culture and Heritage

This vibrant image captures the energy and spirit of a First Nations powwow in the community of Sandy Bay, Saskatchewan. The powwow is a celebration of culture and heritage, and brings together people from all walks of life to honor the traditions and customs of the First Nations people. In the image, we see dancers dressed in colorful regalia, adorned with feathers, beads, and intricate patterns.

Dancing Lights of Northern Saskatchewan

Dancing Lights of Northern Saskatchewan

This stunning image captures the awe-inspiring display of the northern lights in the northern region of Saskatchewan. Against the dark night sky, the colorful aurora borealis dances and swirls in a breathtaking display of light and motion. The image showcases the vibrant hues of green and purple that are commonly seen in the northern lights, as well as the subtle shades of blue and pink that add depth and dimension to the scene.

Finding You hope and inspiration through the Aurora Borealis

A New Lens on Life 

Watch CBC's National Award winning documentary on the Pinehouse Photography Club

Unlocking the Power of Therapeutic Photography: Simple Steps to Improve Mental Health and Well-being Through the Lens

If you're interested in implementing therapeutic photography in your community or school, the first step is to educate yourself on the benefits and techniques of this practice. You can start by researching online or attending workshops or courses on therapeutic photography. Next, gather a group of like-minded individuals who are interested in promoting mental health and well-being through photography. Together, you can create a photography club or program that focuses on the therapeutic aspect of photography. It's important to make the program inclusive and accessible to all, regardless of their photography experience or equipment. You can also collaborate with mental health professionals or organizations to further enhance the program's effectiveness. By taking these steps, you can make a positive impact on your community's mental health and well-being through the power of therapeutic photography.

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Ren Lukoni

Such talent! Amazing photos & person. Love his work & how he helps others too. Highly recommend!

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Robert Paul

I love all of the magnificent photography from Saskatchewan! Dre Erwin is a remarkable artist! I particularly enjoy his incredible work with the Northern Lights and the beautiful Plains of Saskatchewan


A positive encouraging dedicated photographer. great role model for helping show people how photography can be so therapeutically helpful !!! Amazing photos


Pat Schundria

The photos are beyond amazing!! Sooo many people only ever dream, about seeing the Northern Lights, and these photos, are dream worthy!! Thanks Dre!!

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