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Pinehouse youth from the Pinehouse Photography Club capturing her reflection in a truck's side mirror

 The CBC National Award Winning  Documentary

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Pinehouse residents in northern Saskatchewan are using photography to help them recover from trauma.

Two joyful youths walking, taking pictures, and having fun at Pinehouse Lake, Saskatchewan.

Behind the Lens: The Journey of Crafting CBC's Award-Winning Documentary in Pinehouse Lake, Saskatchewan

Shining a Light on the Power of Photography: The Pinehouse Club and the Youth Who Found Their Voice Through the Camera Lens

Youth in northern Saskatchewan have found solace in using photography as a means of healing from trauma, depression, and addiction. By utilizing a simple tool like a camera, they are able to express themselves in a safe and non-verbal way, finding comfort in connecting with others through shared experiences. This unique approach to therapy caught the attention of CBC, who documented the youths' journeys and the transformative impact of photography on their mental health.

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The Award Winning Documentary: A New