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From Script to Screen: The Making of CBC's Documentary in Pinehouse Lake Saskatchewan

Pinehouse residents in northern Saskatchewan are using photography to help them recover from trauma.

Thinking Man on Couch
Throughout Saskatchewan, girls aged 10 to 18 dying by suicide has “increased significantly from 2003 to 2014.

Saskatchewan Advocate for Children and Youth

Shining a Light on the Power of Photography: The Pinehouse Club and the Youth Who Found Their Voice Through the Camera Lens

Youth in northern Saskatchewan have found solace in using photography as a means of healing from trauma, depression, and addiction. By utilizing a simple tool like a camera, they are able to express themselves in a safe and non-verbal way, finding comfort in connecting with others through shared experiences. This unique approach to therapy caught the attention of CBC, who documented the youths' journeys and the transformative impact of photography on their mental health."

Through its coverage, CBC has played a key role in amplifying the significance of raising awareness about mental health in youth and inspiring other communities and leaders to take action. The message is clear: there is always something that can be done to support young people's well-being.

Additionally, it is crucial to listen to our youth, especially in cases like these where they are expressing the effectiveness of therapeutic photography in addressing mental health issues. The question we must ask ourselves is, who is listening? It is essential to acknowledge the importance of this approach and consider implementing it in other communities to support the well-being of our youth.

Dre Erwin, Sask

Envisioning and aspiring to instigate the integration of therapeutic photography in schools and communities beyond our own, we encourage proactive individuals, such as doctors, nurses, teachers, and elders, to heed the transformative potential of this medium. We believe that a single person, empowered to act and equipped with a basic phone or camera, can spark positive change and pave the way for a more resilient and vibrant community.
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Mike Singleton Photos

Dre's photography is simply amazing. I can't look at his work without feeling inspired by his work and his passion for what he does and for his insights into people, life and nature. If you haven't yet had a chance to explore his page and work, I think you need to take a few minutes to check him out.


Willie Arceno

DEP’s pictures and videos of northern lights are so amazing. I’ve been looking some northern lights pictures/videos but he’s is what I found great and very inspiring


Robert Paul

I love all of the magnificent photography from Saskatchewan! Dre Erwin is a remarkable artist! I particularly enjoy his incredible work with the Northern Lights and the beautiful Plains of Saskatchewan!


Nicole Frankum

Stunning photos! Always a pleasure to view

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